The New iPhone Application for your House with Media Control from visiomatic

Using the iPhone Application with visiomatic you have the complete media technology for your house down pat. Wherever you are, whether at home, on the go or far away in a hotel and equipped with your iPhone or iPod Touch and the smart “visiomatic” application you are able to control the music, video, lighting and your personal scenes within your home. You can also watch the real-time video of your internal and external cameras. You are able to start the recording of any TV program or movie using the TV-Program module of visiomatic with a single touch on your iPhone.

Should you receive a call while working and you have your visiomatic system on your iPhone, you can speak on the iPhone and forward the control of your visiomatic system at the last operated item. You can also shake your iPhone or iPod Touch and start in the home menu of the application.

The managing and visualization of the building through the visiomatic Home System via iPhone or iPod Touch used remotely is absolutely secure. The information transfer is based on the encrypted image and data formats. The remote control is available through the standard networks, such as E, 3G, 3Gs and E which are integrated in iPhone as well as through WiFi in iPod Touch.